Informatica World 2006 - San Francisco!

I went to Informatica World 2006, held this year in San Francisco. I didn't have a lot of time to get out too much, but thanks to Stacey-Ann (who had a car), I managed to get a little touring done....

Click here to download a .zip file of photos (warning - 80MB in size!)

Videos - these files are a bit large (sorry) just click on image to download:

Hanging out Monday afternoon with Brian Ross looking at Treasure Island (23MB):

Pier 39 Sea Lions (28MB, 48MB):

First day at Informatica World - lights worthy of a rock concert (cameo of Eddie K) (39MB):

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge (17MB):

Walking through Muir Woods north of San Francisco - best undiscovered place in California (38MB):


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